PPC Strategies That Drive Revenue Efficiently

We scale successfully, adjusting our strategies to match the evolution of ever-changing platforms. Our team of PPC and Search experts uses key takeaways and extensive learnings to continuously improve and stay ahead of the curve.

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Focus on Keywords that Convert

We use Google, Bing, AdRoll, display networks, and more to make sure you’re getting in front of the best customers for your business.


We’ll craft a PPC strategy that improves both the volume of leads and the quality of customers by targeting relevant keywords, bringing you only the highest intent traffic.

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Scale Faster and Convert More

Conversion is the cornerstone of what we do.


Using our rapid experimentation methodology and expertise, we merge your top-funnel traffic and bottom-funnel data into one cohesive strategy designed to increase your ROI. Our team prioritizes high-impact PPC campaigns and intent, which we use to optimize our accounts and cultivate growth.

ppc services
ppc services

Unlock Intent to Fuel Rapid Growth

Our approach to PPC advertising starts with a deep understanding of your site visitors and campaign objectives.


By understanding your marketing metrics, we’ll identify the type of traffic you need and implement data-driven strategies to reach your goals.

PPC Services & Tactics We Deploy:

Their work is quite fast and results are impeccable although they are a smaller agency but has it’s resources in one place with a talented young team.

Mark Brown

Director, Envato

Their work is quite fast and results are impeccable although they are a smaller agency but has it’s resources in one place with a talented young team.

Mark Stewart

Operations Manager, Envato

Their work is quite fast and results are impeccable although they are a smaller agency but has it’s resources in one place with a talented young team.

Michaelle Dawn

Art Director, Envato

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Frequently Asked Questions

The honest answer is… we don’t know (yet) we need to speak with you to see. But if your business is anything like the thousands we’ve helped, then yes! Look, Google ads is the single fastest strategy to grow leads and sales FAST for your business. However, the biggest hurdle to overcome is to figure out a way to run Google ads profitably and beat the increasing competition online.


Maybe you have dipped your toe into the water and run Google ads yourself or you enlisted the amateur Google Ads & PPC Management Services in the past? Perhaps it never worked because you lacked the know-how and you ended up sparking your budget on fire by wasting money targeting irrelevant and costly keywords!


Don’t let that put you off. The Corgital team knows what it takes to make Google Ads work for your business.


We don’t just optimize your campaigns on clicks and impressions… you can’t take these metrics to the bank, we optimize based on ROI!


We don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to getting our clients the biggest ROI possible. We pair our Google ad campaigns with a high converting landing page or sales funnel to ensure you squeeze every last bit of profitability out of your campaign by ensuring we improve your conversion rate and skyrocket your profits.


When deciding if Google ads is the right channel for your business you need to ask yourself one question…


Are there enough people actively searching on Google for my product or service? You can do this by performing keyword research in Google ads using their free keyword research tool.


Google ads allow you to target wallet out ready- to-buy prospects that are in hunt mode for your product or service! If you are not running Google ads you are leaving money on the table – allowing your competitors to steal your market share.


The bottom line? Google ads is a great sales getting machine for e-commerce and service based businesses looking to get sales and customers fast!

Google ads is the single fastest way for getting new customers or sales for any business on planet earth. You can target prospects actively searching for a solution to their problem and be laser targeted only showing ads to these wallet out ready-to-buy prospects.


Show your ads in the moments that matter whenever your prospects are searching for a solution to their problem or consuming content across Google, Youtube, Gmail and websites.


Unlike SEO which can take 12 months to see any traction, Google Ads can start delivering results for your business from day 1 allowing you to show ads above the organic search results for your industry key money terms.


Google advertising is the perfect sales getting machine with different campaign types to suit most businesses ranging from search campaigns, shopping, video and display.


The key here is the strategy Corgital deploys. We are a PPC advertising agency that using direct response copywriting and high converting landing pages, we will make these traffic channels work for your business day in and day out to help you aggressively scale and grow profitably.

There are a number of factors to consider when analysing the impact PPC and SEO have on each other, including:


  • PPC allows you to pinpoint exactly which keywords are driving sales and customers for your business and helps you tailor your SEO strategy to focus on these highly valuable phrases.
  • Using a combination of PPC and SEO allows you to demand more real estate in the SERP, which allows your business to command more attention and territory in search engines result pages than your competitors in the moments that matter. This ultimately maximizes your chance of getting that precious click that could result in a sale or a new customer. Using a combination of PPC and SEO can double your CTR.
  • PPC allows you to collect valuable targeting information on your audience which you can use to refine your SEO campaigns.
  • Searchers who see your PPC ad may be more likely to also click on your organic search result.


Using PPC and SEO together can help you gain further insights and give you a competitive edge by helping to improve your SEO performance in the long run. Having a multichannel approach is key to beating the socks off your competition.

Look for a PPC agency that guarantees results! It’s that simple…


Here at Corgital we guarantee we can beat any PPC management agency, marketer or traffic expert on planet earth! We’ll improve your results by at least 30% over what your existing web project and paid traffic are currently getting, or you won’t pay us a cent!


Ask any Google Ads agency to match our guarantee, sit back and watch them retreat.

Google Ads (paid) is Google’s pay per click advertising system. This allows you to run paid ads across Search, Display, Shopping, & Youtube. You get charged every time someone clicks on your ad.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of ranking your website on Google’s organic (free) listings for your most valuable search terms.

Quality Score is the rating Google gives you – it’s essentially the quality and relevance of your keywords, ads & landing page experience. It is measured on a scale of 1-10. 1 being trash, 10 being treasure.


Quality Score affects how your ads perform and how much you pay per click.


Ad rank is essentially the position of a pay-per-click (PPC) ad on a search engine results page. The position of this ad depends on the position of each keyword included in the ad, which is determined by your bid for that keyword or ad group multiplied by the matched keyword’s Quality Score.


The higher your score the cheaper you will pay to show your ad in better positions then your competitors.

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